Jean Greenhowe pattern KNIT book ---------- DOLLY MIXTURES
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Jean Greenhowe .. DOLLY MIXTURES
23 page Pattern Book for Knitters
Skill level Easy .. Fun!

The Doll’s in this Book measure about 9 inches Tall
Projects in this book are: 
Cover: Bertie and Bob the Clown and his Dog
           Bertie Dog Bob with Knitted Umbrella
Princess Penelope and her Bear Snuggles
Alfie the Elf
Alfie the Elf Scarf end
Jake the Pirate
Rosie the flower seller
Rosie’s flower  Basket
Tom and Toby the Snowman and Snow Puppy Toby
Edward and Annabel once upon a time Dolls

  • Item #: JK-25
  • Manufacturer: Jean Greenhowe
  • Condition: New

Jean Greenhowe pattern KNIT book ---------- DOLLY MIXTURES

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