Jean Greenhowe pattern KNIT book ----- FABULOUS FUN-KNITS
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Jean Greenhowe Pattern Book FABULOUS FUN-KNITS
23 Page Pattern Book for Knitters
Skill level Easy
Projects in this
Book are:
Mirabelle the Mermaid, she measures about 13 inches Long
            Kiven Baby Crab
about 2.5 inches across
            Mermaid Chair
about 5 inches across
about 1 to 1.75 inches
about 1 inch across
measures about 2.375 inches
Cowboy Bill
measures about 7.5 inches Tall
Cowgirl Kate
measures about 7.5 inches Tall
Mini Sports
Car measures about 2.375 inches
Castaway Knitting
Base of the tree about 5 inches in diameter 
Tree is about 6.75 inches Tall
Mummy Ladybird and Baby:
Mummy Ladybird measures about 2.75 inches
Baby Ladybird measures about 2.25 inches
Pumpkin Pies
Pumpkin’s measurement without hat about 2.5 inches
Pumpkin Pie Dishes
measurement without hat about 3.75 inches                                                      
Tiny Tortoises
measures about 2.75 inches

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Jean Greenhowe pattern KNIT book ----- FABULOUS FUN-KNITS

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