Jean Greenhowe pattern KNIT book ----------------- MASCOT DOLLS
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Jean Greenhowe Book .. MASCOT DOLLS
28 pages Pattern Book for Knitters - Skill level EASY

The Jean Greenhowe Mascot Dolls are about 9.5 inches depending on the yarn you use.  The Jean Greenhowe patterns use a DK weight yarn scale 3 yarn.  I use Cascade Churub DK Acrylic+Nylon, I have also used Brown Sheep Wool Nature Spun Sport, Lambs Pride Superwash Worsted and Sport all of these yarn can be found on this website.  The main Knitting needle for this project is us size 2 or 3.0 mm. 
The 9.5 inch Doll Projects in this Book are:  Policeman - Fireman - Ballerina - Brownie - Guide - Footballer - Lifeboatman - Nurse - Sailor - Santa Claus.

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Jean Greenhowe pattern KNIT book ----------------- MASCOT DOLLS

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